Wood is such versatile material - it can be purchased or up-cycled and customised to your taste. If you fancy a change or are just tired of the same old décor, there are hundreds of brilliant DIY projects on the Internet that you can get into over the next few months.Today we are focusing on storage, and how to maximise or enhance your bedroom space. By using a few pallets or slats of old wood, you can create lots of lovely furniture to add extra space or just something new to your bedroom space.Why not have a go at creating your own ottoman? Using any kind of wooden pallets, you can create th..
Small changes can make big impressions so there is absolutely no need to get the builders in if your front room is just looking a bit tired.The team at Charles Dickens have dug deep for this one, coming up with the top 4 small changes that will have the biggest impact on the look of your living room! Throws, pillows and accessoriesIf your sofa is nearing the end of its life span and has a whole lot of stains to prove it, it’s time to think about doing something about it. Replacing a sofa or three-piece suite can be a big investment and if you don’t have the money just yet, investing in a good ..
It is safe to say that it seems summer is quickly drawing to a close before it’s even begun, and while we’ve have spells of glorious sunshine, it never seemed to stick around long enough to really take advantage. Although we wouldn’t really be British if we weren’t holding out hope for an Indian summer, would we?Even if this fairy-tale Indian summer is on its way, it is still time to start thinking about all of the DIY and gardening jobs we need to do to prepare for winter’s arrival. So, we’ve devised a list of jobs to keep you busy and ensure your garden is best prepared for the colder weathe..
Choosing paint colours can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially for rooms that you will be spending a lot of time in. Candy floss pink may look inviting in the tin but will it look as inviting after 3 months?Charles Dickens wants to help guide you in choosing paint colours to go in each room of your home so follow our guide and we can be sure that you’ll still be pleased with your choices year after year.Living roomDon’t always opt for white, eggshell or cream. Surprisingly, the living room is a space where you can afford to be bold. If done right, your living space will look int..
Tools and DIY equipment can be quite an investment and if you’re using them on a daily basis, you don’t want them breaking down on you half way through a job.At Charles Dickens Toolstore we source only the very best quality tools and equipment that, when taken care of, should last you a long time. This blog post is all about how to care for your tools, so they’ll care for you when it matters the most!Clean your toolsWe know this is a pretty obvious one, but when was the last time you wiped your screwdriver, or gave your drill a good clean? Clean your tools after every use – this doesn’t have t..
Happy New Year to you all - we hope that you have had a wonderful festive period! January is often a month in which we look forward to the up-coming year, so we thought we would take a look at the interior trends for 2017. 2016 saw the Danish concept of “Hygge” take over and copper accessories and metallic pineapples make a big mark in the interior design industry. Now whilst these don’t show any signs of shifting, there are definitely some new kids on the block, looking to take the interior design industry by storm.Bright Green“Greenery” named as the “2017 Pantone Colour of the Year” is a sha..
After the Christmas decorations come down the house can often look a little sad; those fairy lights are no longer twinkling and the space in which the Christmas tree stood is now looking rather empty. However, with a few licks of paint, a thorough spring clean and a fresh new look for a couple of your rooms, some therapeutic DIY can be just what you need to ease you into 2017. “Why are you telling me this now?” We hear you ask, as Christmas is still a couple of weeks away. Well, beating the January blues comes only with lots of preparation so read on if you want a January filled with joy and o..
No, we can’t believe it either. We’ve entered November and Christmas is just around the corner. Now whilst we’re not quite ready to untangle the mass of fairy lights in the loft just yet, there are some key things you can do around the house to prepare for the big day and that will make the run-up a little bit smoother. 1.     De-junk, de-junk, de-junk Over the festive period we do tend to accumulate 45 empty tins of Quality Street, that of course need to be saved for at least 10 years, the kids receive enough toys to open their own toy shop and there’s enou..
What’s not to love about firework night? You get to watch majestic colours light up the sky, whilst holding a warming Irish coffee in one hand and a hearty burger in the other.The only thing better than watching a public display is watching one from the comfort of your own home. As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, give your friends and family something to look forward to this November. Firework night is a wonderful way to actually celebrate the colder months and embrace the arrival of winter.Charles Dickens wants your Bonfire Night party to be one to remembe..
Unsurprisingly, bathrooms can become worn-out pretty quickly… Similarly to the kitchen, we put our bathroom under a lot of stress everyday – a flurry of daily activities (morning and night), steamy baths and showers and it’s the first place we head when we’re grubby.Luckily, there are easy ways in which you can spruce up the overall look of your bathroom, even on a relatively low budget.If you don’t want to spend your whole weekend in the bathroom, you can do these things bit by bit. However if you choose to do them all at once, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days to complete...
We know what you’re going to say - summer isn’t even over yet and you want me to think about winter. But you know how the saying goes, ‘early bird catches the worm.’ and in this case, the early bird will have a well-protected garden before the bitterly frost makes its first appearance. In summer, so much hard work goes into making our gardens look great and let’s face it; we never quite get as much use out of it as we had originally planned. Don’t let your hard work disappear as quickly as the sunshine does. We have dug-deep for our best tips on how to protect your garden from Britain's infamo..
Let’s be honest – we’re all still hoping that summer is on its way – perhaps we’ll even hold out hoping for an Indian summer? Either way, if when it arrives you’ll want to your garden to be ready for action.Wemight already be in July but it’s still not too late to tidy up your garden forthose picturesque evenings, spent dining alfresco and drinking wine with yourloved ones.      1.    Feed your lawnIf you’re lucky enough to have a stretch of lawn in your garden, make sure you look after it! The easiest, most time-efficient way is to purchase some lawn fertiliser a..
Euro's 2016: Holding the Ultimate Euro's Party
It’s the tournament we’ve all been waiting for - Euro 2016 is finally underway! No matter what the results, the Charles Dickens’ team intend on having a good time! After all; it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey…right? For those of you that are lucky enough to be heading over to France to watch them live, we hope you have an amazing time! (Nope – we aren’t jealous at all…) For the rest of you, it’s time to gather your friends around the TV and have a good old knee’s up! Here are our top tips on how to throw the ultimate Euro’s party…The song goes: ’you will al..
5 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Kitchen
Now whether you’re selling up and want to add £££’s to your property’s value or you’re simply sick at looking at stains and scuff marks scattered around your kitchen, the fact of the matter is brand new kitchens do not come cheap!So here at Charles Dickens, we’ve come up with 5 simple but invaluable ways to give new life to your tired kitchen.          1.    New or updated cabinet doors Now this will all depend on your budget. If the cash in your piggy bank is tight, updating cabinet doors and giving the walls a..
The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Painting
Whether you find it therapeutic or an absolute nightmare, the simple task of painting your walls can instantly freshen up an entire room. So, it’s your first unoccupied weekend in as long as you can remember and you’ve somehow been roped into D.I.Y in the form of wall T.L.C. However, rushing the job and skipping minor details can have major effects on the final result. Make your time worthwhile and avoid these 5 painfully preventable mistakes…        1.    Wrong Colour Paint After hours spent wandering around the paint aisles of Charles Dicke..
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